About the Mentoring Program

The Physicians Society Mentoring Program is a new initiative that is being developed for launch at the end of 2016. The program is designed to link consultant physicians and trainees with our students who are keen on learning more about the life of a physician and developing their skills under some personal, expert tutelage.


We are currently in the process of compiling a list of doctors who would be interested in taking on such a mentoring role. When the program is launched, interested students will be provided with this list where they can choose a mentor they feel might be best for them.


From there, the nature of the relationship is up to you!! The nature of the mentor-mentee relationship is highly individual, and the details would be left up to each ‘couple’ – whether it is limited to emails providing personal or professional advice and information about certain training pathways, organized teaching sessions or tutorials, or getting involved in research, work experience or elective placements.


At WSPS, we view mentoring as an important part of ensuring our students are well prepared for their future as doctors, and also feel well supported by those senior physicians already working their way through the system. We hope lots of you take the opportunity to engage with this program and use your mentor to model the type of doctor you want to be!


If you would like more information about the mentoring program, please feel free to contact our Vice President Michael Fitzgerald at vp@physicians.wsms.org.au


  • To facilitate relationships between medical students and physicians, including trainee physicians.
  • To foster WSU student interest in Physician’s Training.
  • To support WSU medical students in their professional development
  • To create learning opportunities for interested students
  • To facilitate the sharing of resources and support related to academics, research and career development
  • To offer mentors an opportunity to enhance mentoring skills.
  • To encourage strong relationships between WSMS students and WSMS Alumni.