O-week: Welcome Mus to Western Sydney Medicine!

WSPS is excited to welcome the Mus during the upcoming O-week and Medcamp 2018 at our WSPS stall. 

As you embark on your five-year exploration of the new, wide world of Medicine, we are here to provide you with opportunities to:

  1. Discover different specialties through our specialty-based workshops
  2. Sharpen your newly-learnt clinical knowledge and skills
  3. Network with like-minded peers, seniors and potential  mentors
  4. Guide you towards your dream job  through providing you with information you need for future training pathways

Check out what happened at our WSPS Medcamp stall in 2016 and 2017! 


Congratulations Lamdas! UR' INe Medicine 2017 





Congratulations Kappas! UR' INe Medicine 2016

DSC08702    DSC08750

 Challenge #1: The Taste of Urine                              Challenge #2: Lemon Relay Race


So Mus, make sure to come by our WSPS stall at MedCamp 2018 to see what we're all about! There are many opportunities to get involved with WSPS and we welcome any keen first-years! 

We're also looking for our 2018 First Year Representative so keep your ears and eyes open! 

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