About Us

What We Do


Western Sydney Physicians Society (WSPS) is a new Special Interest Group, established to inform, guide and connect WSU medical students interested in a career as a Physician, Paediatrician, Dermatologist or Psychiatrist. Whether you’re in first or second year, just beginning to explore your options in the wide world of medicine, or a clinical student who dreams of ECG reads, carries their OHCM everywhere and always has a spare dipstick in their pocket, we plan to support you on your journey to your dream career.


Physicians Society aims to guide students by giving you the information you need to be well prepared to pursue your chosen training pathway upon graduation. We further aim to support students by providing opportunities to:

  • ~ Gain a detailed understanding of the path towards your chosen medical training pathway.
  • ~ Attend specialty-based workshops to enhance and practice your clinical knowledge and skills.

We also aim to connect you with like-minded peers, as well as give you more opportunities to interact with and learn from physicians from your chosen medical field.

Keep up-to-date with the latest news, updates and resources through our website and our Facebook page.

We welcome any members who are keen to get involved in Western Sydney Physicians Society. Contact our President, Kabbytto Chen, at president@physicians.wsms.org.au for more info!